Thursday, December 17, 2015

Zoom H2n Microphone Stand Adapter

Zoom H2n Microphone Stand Adapter with a 1/4 inch TRS Jack as an additional feature.

Zoom H2n Microphone Stand Adapter

I needed a microphone stand adapter to hold my Zoom H2n. I use the recorder during live shows as an additional stereo microphone. I use the line out jack to send a stereo signal right to the mixing board. The adapter that Zoom sells for this purpose will hold the recorder in a microphone stand just fine but I wanted to find a way to secure the cable that goes into the 1/8 jack more securely.

This adapter has a 1/8 plug at the top that goes into the line out jack on the recorder and a 1/4 TRS jack on the bottom. This provides a secure strain free connection to the recorder and allows plugging a 1/4 TRS stereo cable into the bottom of the adapter that can then feed into the mixing board.

Making the adapter

I started out with a donor body from a broken hand held dynamic.

The first step was to remove the capsule and internal components. Then I unscrewed the upper portion of the body.

This piece was then machined to create a recess to allow for access to thumb screw for holding the recorder to the top plate.

Next I cut a slot in the top of the lower portion of the body.This slot allows the cable to pass through.

Slot cut in lower body
Top and bottom screwed back together

Next I cut a top plate from a piece of bamboo plywood.

The upper piece of the body was epoxied to the top plate with a 1/4-20 thumb screw inserted through the hole.

The cable used internally is a Hosa 1/4 to 1/8 right angle adapter.

The 1/4 inch end was epoxied into the bottom of the microphone body with the 1/8 inch end running out of the slot in the side of the body. A rubber grommet was attached around the cable to prevent damage.

Screwing the sections of the body back together completed the adapter.

Here is the finished adapter with the Zoom H2n recorder mounted.

Completed adapter