Sunday, March 16, 2014

DIY Studio Monitor Isolation Stands

I needed to raise my studio monitors 10 inches for the proper alignment and to isolate them from the desk they sit on. A quick look on the internet shows some pretty nice options for doing this. I really liked the IsoAcuostics stands when I saw them and I felt I could put something together pretty easily that would provide the positioning and isolation I needed.

My first thought was PVC pipe with three way elbows. Thinking more on it I came up with an even simpler design that uses a bracket at the top and bottom of the stand to hold the PVC sections and then some rubber feet to provide some isolation between the stand and the desk. The monitors came with isolation pads that could be used on the top of the stands under the monitors.

I sketched up the brackets in my CAD program and then cut them out in bamboo on my CNC machine.

Bracket cut out on CNC machine

Brackets and PVC sections
Each stand is made from two brackets and four 10 inch sections of 1/2 inch PVC pipe. The PVC pipe is positioned into the holes in the bottom bracket and gently taped in place with a mallet. The fit is snug and there doesn't seem to be a need for any adhesive to hold them in place.

Next the top bracket is fit to the pipe in the same manner.

Brackets and pipe assembled

I found some rubber pan nuts that fit perfectly into the 1/2 inch PVC to be used for the isolation feet. These were just pushed into the ends of the PVC.

Rubber pan nuts used for feet.

View of a rubber pan nut.

Completed Stand with Monitor (no feet on this one)

Sadly my local Lowes only had 7 of the rubber pan nuts so I still need to find one more to complete the second stand.

They seem to do the trick nicely. They are surprisingly rigid and have no trouble supporting the monitors. Sound is improved and there is no noticeable resonance from my desk. I had planned to fill the PVC with sand to dampen any resonance in the legs but I think the monitors are effectively isolated as they are. So there you have it, simple effective and extremely low cost studio monitor isolation stands.